Poker for long has been one of the most engrossing gambling and casino games.  Poker has been a popular casino game all across the globe and has found its way into the internet as well.  It almost broke all records in online gaming.

Like other casino games, poker too is based on luck. Apart from the luck factor, you also require to get a knack of the skills and need to know a little strategies as well. Online Poker can be as addictive as real poker and exciting too. The various software available online, with fantastic sound effects and graphics make the entire process exciting and keeps the player hooked on.

Online poker is available in different packages and you can start by downloading the software. Online poker can either be played for fun or for real money. It is recommended that in the beginning, you play poker for fun without involving any money. When you play for fun, you are offered some fake credits from the poker room itself.

Playing for real money is a different ball game in itself. You need to be very sure of what you are doing while you play for real money. One silly mistake from your end, and you stand  a chance of losing out on your hard earned money. Moreover losing out on money can make you lose your confidence as well. It is therefore important to have ample practice before you start playing with real money.

Playing poker for fun is actually a lot of fun as you get to learn something new about the game every time you play it. There are a lot of finer aspects of the game that no review will be able to tell you. It is only through real experience that you will understand all the technical and other aspects of the game. Playing for fun is like playing for real money without having the fear to loose out on your precious money. Hence, you can take as many risks as you wish to while you are still in your learning phase.

You can play poker after download or you can play straight from the browser. Most websites have both the options so you can choose for yourself which option suits your convenience the best.  Casino rooms online have customized settings for fun games and real money games but both not less than the other.

The internet has certainly made it possible for one to play games irrespective of the time, location and other factors. Online gaming ensures that you can enter the casino at your own preferred time. But, playing in real is different and playing online is another thing. One might take time to understand the software and the features and get used to them. Free Poker or Poker for fun let’s you take your own time to get comfortable with the software without letting you reduce your own bankroll.