One of the biggest advantages online poker entertainment is the fact that you can enjoy perks given out by sites known as bonuses.

Online poker bonus offers are essentially rewards that are given to players for choosing the site and as a way of saying thank you for their loyalty. Poker bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes and for players to truly get their money to stretch longer at the site, they should take some time to consider the different bonus offers available out there in order to a make the right decision.

New Poker Players

It comes as no surprise that new players who open an account for the first time at a poker site are those that are rewarded the most generously. Poker bonus offers for new players are considered the most lucrative, as the site wants to make a good first impression and attract players who have the choice of so many sites at their disposal. These poker bonus offers essentially have the online poker site match the player’s initial deposit by a certain percentage.  A 100% bonus offer, for example, will have the site match the player’s $50 deposit with another $50, giving the player of $100 in total to play with.

Returning Players

100% welcome bonus at Poker PlexPlayers who show their loyalty to an online poker site by depositing money into their accounts for the second and subsequent times, are also well rewarded. Sometimes these poker bonus offers can be in the form of  a fixed monthly percentage (such as 30% bonus offering a month for the amount deposited), or it can be per deposit.  Sometimes returning players will be rewarded with cash back type bonuses, where they will receive a certain percentage of their losses back into their accounts. Players should check out what the site has to offer and, if in doubt, contact the customer support desk.

High Rollers

There is always a percentage of players who have larger amounts of cash to play with at online poker rooms, and they expect to be rewarded well for bringing their cash to these sites. As such, online poker sites have developed poker bonus offers especially designed for high rollers who have the ability to spend vast amounts of money. Naturally, the higher the deposit and spending, the higher the rewards, and it is worth while checking out these different poker bonus offers to see which are giving away the highest rates.


Poker bonus offers have been designed to bring players a way to get their most for their hard earned money at different sites. Doing a bit of research on the terms and conditions of each of these offerings and then making an informed decision about where to put your money is a vital step if players want to get their money to stretch the furthest. Poker bonus offerings are out there waiting to be discovered – it is just a matter of matching the right one to the player’s gambling lifestyle.