Poker is another gambling game that has benefitted hugely from the gambling industry’s decision to have an online presence as well. This game, already quite popular in different parts of the world is now universally popular and has a very large fan following.

The fact that poker requires not just luck but a good degree of skill is one reason for its huge popularity, added to the fact that people like poker games for fun as well as the thrill factor associated with them.

Like most other online gambling games, you can play poker games for fun or for real money. Playing poker games for real money may be what most people prefer, but playing poker games for fun is the best way to go if you are still new to online poker. In this article we will discuss briefly the different aspects of playing poker games for fun online.

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Poker Games for Fun vs. Real Money

As mentioned earlier, you can play online poker games for fun or for real money. So what is the difference between the two modes of play? The basic difference is that playing poker games for fun does not involve any money, while playing it for real money does.

The term ‘real money’ makes it obvious: you use real money, literally, when you play the game in this mode. You are likely to have got fake money, or credits, from the casino or online poker room when you opted to play poker games for fun. When you play it for real money, you have to fund your own account.

Why Play Poker Games for Fun?

Playing poker games for real money involves money; you play in this mode to place real money bets and, hopefully, win. This mode is good if you are experienced at poker and know your game well. However, even seasoned pros are likely to play practice poker games for fun to further hone their skills and be on top of their game.

Playing poker games for fun, on the other hand, is more about fun and also, importantly, learning the different aspects of poker and the finer points of the game.

It is about ensuring you do not end up losing more than you win. By playing poker games for fun, you get a feel of a real game situation without spending a penny, and that is as good as it can get in terms of practicing your game.

How to Play Online Poker Games for Fun

Once you have decided to play online poker, you can either download the software or play directly from a browser, depending on the option available at the online casino or poker room you are at.

Some poker rooms and online casinos have both these options available, while others have only one of them, usually the download option.

After you have downloaded the online casino or poker software, the casino will give you an option as to whether you want to play poker games for fun or for real money.

You will need to choose the mode you want to play in: select the play for fun mode if you are a newcomer to poker or are still not confident about your game. Once you select the play for fun mode, the casino takes you to that environment and you are ready to go.