The game of poker has been around for a number of centuries and its popularity seems to be growing from year to year.

While poker was always a huge favorite among gamblers who traveled to casinos and poker rooms, it wasn’t until the game made its way to the internet that its popularity reached record heights, with literally millions of players taking up this pastime each and every month at the many top online poker roomsthat have grown on the internet since the mid 1990’s.  One of the biggest advantages of taking up poker online, is, believe it or not, the opportunity to play free poker games at these sites.

Up to $200 Free at Poker RewardsMany amateur players, who first find their way online, find it hard to comprehend that they are actually able to play free poker games at these sites.  But the truth of the matter is that this is a very real part of the online poker vibe, and some of the greatest players in the world actually started their own careers by playing in free poker games and tournaments, eventually winning them and then using their prize money to slowly build up their own bankrolls.

You may be wondering why online poker sites actually offer players the chance to take part in free poker games and freerolls. The answer is clear by considering the very tough competition that these poker rooms find themselves facing. When there are thousands of online poker rooms out there, they all need to have an edge over the competition or their players will simply go elsewhere. By offering free poker games, for players to try out the software and get a feel of the game, online poker sites are presenting players with an excellent incentive, and these are highly appreciated by players – especially amateurs.

So what can players get out of playing free poker games online? For one, this is a golden opportunity to feel their way around the online poker room and try out the software, without risking their own money. If players are sure that this is the site for them, they can always join play for money games, but it is great to know that the opportunity exists to first try out the games and software for free. Think of it as test driving the site and making an informed decision while not under pressure.

Another reason to enjoy free poker games is that it gives players a super opportunity to take their poker careers one step higher, after they have learned all the theory that is connected to the game. We all know by now that the best poker players in the world spend literally hours practicing, and what better way to get in that practice and hone your poker skills than by seeking out free poker games and freerolls offered online?

Whichever way you look at it, playing free poker games is one of the best ways to advance in the online poker world.